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Edhi Foundation is the largest and most organised social welfare system in Pakistan. The Foundation works round the clock, without any discrimination on the basis of colour, race, language, religion or politics. We have modified the phrase “Live and let live” to “Live and help live” and have pursued our mission for the last five decades with exemplary tenacity. A remarkable wave of change has been brought about by the Foundation, in the social attitude of Pakistanis towards community welfare, by instilling in ordinary citizens, a consistent desire to participate in public welfare programs.

Edhi Foundation’s network extends beyond its national boundaries and has for almost two decades, acquired an international charter. With its international operations, and ensuring transparency and efficiency, the Foundation in the UK has set a respectable example for other countries to follow and provide better welfare services to their people.

We emphasize the importance of safeguarding basic human rights; “My religion is humanitarianism…Which is the basis of every religion in the world”, said Edhi. The Foundation has persisted in Edhi’s mission of humanitarianism for over 50 years now, creating a lasting legacy, and is therefore popular among Pakistanis living in the country as well as globally.

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