The motivation of helping needy was infused by his mother in Edhi in his very earlier age

By: Danish M. Khan

A Story from the Life of (Story 5)

Dr. Abdul Sattar Edhi
The motivation of helping needy was infused by his mother in Edhi in his very earlier age

Father of Edhi was doing a job away from his home, and was sending the fruits in the sacks to home, whilst his mother was by equally packing these into packets would be giving to her son, by strictly advising to dispense these among the needy people. Edhi was delivering these to the poor people.

By continuing her greater vision and passion of support for needy, she started to give him two paisas daily, by advising, give one paisa to any needy, whilst consume one paisa by yourself, and the next day she was regularly inquiring, how and to whom he has delivered the amount.  She was very strict, and taking the matter very seriously when she sounded anything differently from his discussion. His mother wasn’t compromising on chiding and jeering at him, in strictest terms.

One day, he came back from school, and mother asked from him, what you have done with the paisa, I had given to support a poor, and upon finding no satisfying reply, she started to taunt, and said “what kind of human being you are, look the greed in your eyes, and how much you may rob others”. All these assisted in instilling a vision and motivation of support in the mind and thought of Edhi, in his early age.

By the continuous advice, with an assertive voice, and always sticking to her main purpose – support to the needy, thus her guidance tremendously ingrained in his heart and thought that he himself started to explore the highly poor and needy people, and continued to inform her mother to let her know that he has spotted many poor people, and the mother was giving medicines as well as consumable items to him, to deliver these among them.

All this laid a foundation, to continue with far more spirit and determination for the betterment and welfare of the needy people that led to establish – Edhi Foundation, for the society, country, as well as for humanity.

The lesson in this story is that, we should also instill the same motivation and inspiration in ourselves and in our children that we should first of all come forward for the betterment of others, exclusively who are disadvantaged and then we should also guide our children to support needy, so that our children could become virtuous and responsible people, in the time to come ahead.

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